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    Mark of the Beast

    I know most thought it would never happen. Now that we are in a computerized era and everyone knows we are moving to a cashless society, and chip it now just another coincidence that's predicted in the Bible? Ignoring the Bible altogether on...

    There are several points as to why someone would not accept a computer chip in the forehead or arm. It could be a religious reason, privacy reason, or moral reason, or whatever. Those are at least 3 reasons why I would not accept it.

    I'm sure at first it will be voluntary. I wonder how many here will bow down and accept the government mark if it is forced. How would you refuse it? Would you go into hiding? What would you do when you cant even buy a loaf of bread without a chip identification?

    Keep in mind there are a lot of things in recent times that people said could never happen, or wouldnt happen because there were laws that forbid it......and they happened anyway...

    My answer, you definitely wouldnt see me around much anymore. There's no way I would ever voluntariliy let the government put a permanent identification on me. I am not a dog or cow to be marked as the law sees fit. Of course, I'm sure those who refuse will be called terrorists

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    I wouldnt accept it either.
    Whats the point?
    First off, your body would reject the chip, as it is a foreign body, and this is not good for you.
    You can get an infection, and other harmful things.
    Just not worth the risk...

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