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    Header and Logo Enhancement

    Hello guys and gals.

    Our online gaming clan could use a little updated header. Would like to stay with the same font if possible, just need something else as in it's current forum is real dull.

    Do not have anything to pay besides a couple of bucks through paypal if you like.

    Size 800x87 (can be a little bigger), will be used in a Nuke site.

    Current image

    Current Header / LOGO

    If someone could make it nicer, it would be appreciate.


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    I can do this for you
    do you have any type of messenger so we can disscus it more.

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    i can do this for you. contact me @ delt1337 on aim.

    my portfolio:

  4. #4 - 5$, you get PSD & JPB wihtout the "SAMPLE" watermarks

    PM ME!

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    It'd help if I sent you a working link.. try this one..

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