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  • Sell them together

    1 50.00%
  • sell them one by one

    0 0%
  • Non profit organziation use only

    1 50.00%
  • design a site dedicated to microsoft services

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    I own


    I just would like to know what value they have.

    please feel free to im me.

    if someone could appraise them for me and email me it would be great.

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    I wouldn't say they have much value because long horn is just the code name, it's not what the next windows will be called. Also I feel the domain names are too long, the 2005 is unessercary.

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    What should i do then.

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    give them to microsoft before they kindly get them from you anyway

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    Why should i give them to me, they should of thought of those names and saved them..i'm not going to give them i would sell them to there compitior before i do that. I would keep them and not put anything on them or some fair deal so i can keep my names.

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    I'm just wondering why you registered those domains?

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    I Liked the names. When someone told me about trade marks and all that i went and looked up and there was nothing. So i bought the rest of them and checked them out. Then i talked 2 someone again and they said to get more information on what i should do with them so i posted it in here. I do not PLAN on selling them at all. I plan to park them for know.

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    Btw when this software will released?

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