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    Tutorials Script Updated

    Ok I have added some more features to the tutorials script

    -Users can submit tutorials
    -users can submit broken links to keep your tutorials listing up to date
    -users can search your tutorials database by category
    -all tutorials will keep track of how many times theyve been clicked
    -will keep track of authors, how many tutorials listed and total clicks
    -when the same person submits a tutorial, then the website/author name must be the same and it will get listed under that author always
    -has authors list that shows all authors, can sort by total tutorials or total clicks, and choose how many authors to show per page
    -will display latest tutorials, can choose how many tutorials per page
    -will display top viewed tutorials can choose how many tutorials per page

    Admin Panel
    -When someone submits a tutorial you must accept or deny, if accepted then tutorial is added if denied then tutorial is not added and also the icon that was uploaded will be deleted
    -Can edit pending tutorials before you accept them, description author, name etc
    -Can edit already accepted tutorials, edit description, move them between categories, between authors, name etc
    -Can add/remove and edit categories
    -Can edit authors
    -Can delete tutorials, the icon of that tutorial will also be automatically deleted
    -When someone submits a broken link for a tutorial it will appear in your admin panel and you check the link and you can delete tutorial or delete broken link
    -If that tutorial has already been submitted for a broken link review then it wont be added again and it will say link has already been submitted for a link review

    this script is written in php/mysql
    payment will be made through paypal
    if i missed something or you have any questions you can post here or pm me
    more custom features can be added for buyer upon request

    oh ya demo can be seen here

    Thank You
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    you forgot to post how much you want for it. and i also pmed you with an offer.


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    E-mailed you.
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    I forgot to put that you can also
    -edit the general configuration settings of the script, such as maximum filesize of the upload, admin email etc
    -Also you can delete authors and if you delete that author all tutorials by that author will also be deleted so say that authors site went completely down for good you just delete that author and all tutorials that go with it will be deleted as well

    and the price is $75


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