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    Hello Everyone,
    I've been working on a business-development type community called Vension

    As of right now, It has only been me writing all the content so I was wondering if anyone was interested in:

    1. Submiting their website/tool
    - This section is only meant for websites that have a product or service in paticular that would be good for the business/e-commerce community (Web Hosting Related, E-Commerce, Marketing, Management)

    2. Submit articles
    - Credit will be given, Your name and email will remain at the bottom of the article.

    3. Link Exchange
    As of right now, it gets no traffic (just got everything up today). However, I don't think it will take long to get a steady stream of viewers because of the type of content, and since the main site already gets 80-120 uniques a day. I will be making some free PHP scripts later to submit to hotscripts which will generate some traffic. At any rate, I don't want to accept just any websites, only quality, established sites.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    An affordable marketing agency,

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    you intrested in every page link exchange with

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    Looks like a great site you're building!

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    Can I write for my own sites?
    Oh and would you like a link exchange?
    The link page is on 1 domain but it is accessible by all the Main GalacNet Cluster
    -=- GQ Hong -=-
    GalacNet WebMaster

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