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    Tech/Hosting Banner space available + PR6 Text Links

    Hello All

    I am the Editor of PC, a computing website based in the UK. We specialise in Hardware reviews, and we have an active forum community.

    Earlier this week, we re-launched the site with a completely new design and CMS system. The transfer is 95% complete, all that needs correcting is half of the site articles (which should take a few days).

    We are current looking for a sponsor for our site, ideally computing/tech related (but hosting ads have also been successful).

    We have space for:

    1) A Static 468x60 banner at the top of each and every page, available for 150 / month.

    2) Button adverts (place on our sidebar), size and location varies with price. Please contact me for a quote.

    3) Custom campaigns, if you want a certain type of advertising that is not listed - as long as it does not include popups/popunders/full page ads.

    4) Text Links - 10 each per month. List on a main PR6 page and ALL the site pages (many PR5, and sometimes more PR6's when a review is newly released). Over 12,000 pages indexed in google.

    Please PM me if you are interested

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    Hi Ian Cun,

    Approximately how many clicks for the text link ad? I am very interested.

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    The text link ad is static per month, and as it is static, I dont have any way to track the average clicks. We have a couple of hosts using the service now that have been with us for almost a year, so it must be good

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    According to my google toolbar is PR 5/10, not 6/10.

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    5 here aswell but i think google PR is playing up abit today

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    You are correct there - it is showing PR5 now... It was PR6 yesterday, do parhaps it is a temporary think because of the site redesign.

    Thanks for pointing it out

    Forgot to mention in the origional post, the site usually receives around 150,000 visitors at a minimum per month.

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