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    Exclamation In Need of a East Coast Dedicated Server Company

    Im looking for a east coast dedicated server company with the following requirements or around there.

    Intel Pentium IV 2.8GHz
    1GB DDRAM Memory
    120GB EIDE Hard Drive
    1,000GB Data Transfer

    Hopefully with a small set up fee if that.

    If anyone knows any company sites that can give me a great deal please contact me, im looking to buy a dedicated server on the east coast between 90-110 a month. Thanks

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    Please email me at aarona (at)

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    Unfortunately, asking for quotes regarding hosting is no longer allowed on this board.

    Please try this:

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    I am currently trying to sell a machine thats exactly that (plus more ram, hd space, and bandwidth) if you are interested you can search around the boards for my username, or use the below link:
    Alex Melen
    █ Co-CEO at Melen, LLC (dba SmartSites)
    █ Founder of T35 Hosting (established 1997)

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