Komodo Internet Services Launches HostGadget System

April 27, 2004 -- Komodo Internet Services today launched its new web host quote system, HostGadget.

"HostGadget lets web hosting companies reach a much more targeted audience than with conventional methods;" says Aaron Brown, president of Komodo Internet Services, "companies can make sales almost immediately at the same time competing with other hosting companies for the sale."

Komodo Internet Services also operates KomodoHost, a web hosting company. "At this time we are not making offers in HostGadget with KomodoHost. If we choose to do so in the future, there will not be a bias, we are looking to maintain an equal system," says Mr. Brown.

HostGadget accepts registration for both large and small hosting companies. Chris Hagerman, the lead developer of HostGadget says, "HostGadget treats all companies equally. A large company cannot purchase a higher ranking on the list of offers to the consumer. It's all about who gets there first."

The HostGadget system is currently in a release candidate testing phase.

About Komodo Internet Services
Komodo Internet Services based in Elfers, FL was launched in January of 2004 with a desire to provide online services with a heavy interest in the web hosting industry.

For more information about Komodo Internet Services' HostGadget system, please visit www.hostgadget.com. If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to [email protected].