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    Unhappy Very Bad Experience With kcnetpro

    I've been leasing a low-end dedicated server from for several months, and have been happy with the cost and the service. I recently received an email from them indicating that their core router needed to be replaced, and that the whole process would bring the data center down for roughly 10-30 minutes on Friday night.

    On Saturday, I was looking at my advertising stats, and noticed that they were very low for the sites hosted on my server, so I went to log in and see if there was a problem. I couldn't log in, and the server would not respond to pings or traceroutes. I emailed kcnetpro support, and told them so. I figured that something had gone slightly wrong when setting up their router.

    I received an email saying that Tony from kcnetpro could see my site and successfully ping my server. So I tried again. No dice. Then I googled "ping gateway" and tried pinging (and tracerouting) from about 8 different places around the world. I logged into my machine at work, and tried accessing my server from there. No luck from any of these attempts. I documented all of this, and mailed back to kcnetpro support. And waited...

    The next day (Sunday), I get an email from Tony saying that he doesn't want to fix the connectivity of my server, but rather wants to assign a new block of IP addresses to it. He asked me for my root password, which I gave him. He immediately got back to me and indicated that he couldn't SSH into the root account (This is the point where I became sure that I was dealing with someone who was operating entirely beyond their capabilities). Of course he couldn't SSH into the root account. You can only access the root account from the console, or via 'su'. I emailed back, explaining how the 'su' command worked (!?), and waited nervously. And waited...

    The next day (we're talking Monday, now), I get an email that says "It looks like your hard drive had some corrupt files on it. I did a scan disk and reboot it, and still will not come up."

    Scan disk? On FreeBSD? Corrupt files? My system, which was running perfectly before their great router change, was now inaccessible to the world (except for Tony), and has been messed around with by people who don't seem to know what they're doing, who talk about running "scan disk" on FreeBSD, and who have apparently turned it into something which won't boot.

    I email back, telling them to cancel my account. A few hours later, I get an email saying "Im going to have a tech look at it. Now I can log onto your server." I hear nothing for the rest of the day.

    This morning (Tuesday), I email Tony, asking what's going on. After all, the 10-30 minute downtime has stretched to four days now, and may have trashed the contents of my server. The reply is "The tech ran out of time lastnight. Ill give him a call today and see when he can get to it."

    "Ran out of time?" "I'll see when he can get to it?"

    Now I understand that accidents happen. And I understand that sometimes things go wrong when configuring computers. But I believe that a good host will keep their customers informed throughout a network outage, and will be responsive to any ramifications resulting from these events. I would expect them to adopt an apologetic tone (even if they aren't positive that it was their fault), and at least pretend that they are trying to get the mess sorted out in a timely manner.

    As far as I'm concerned, kcnetpro dropped the ball repeatedly throughout this procedure, and I would advise potential clients to steer clear of them in the future. There is a good chance that a cheap dedicated server will be on the market from them in the near future. Do yourself a favour, and don't order it.

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    I always confuse kcnetpro with hostmetro, are these the guys you dealth with?
    Ben S.

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    I'm not sure. I think that kcnetpro colocates with Wholesale Internet, but I'm not sure if they're associated with any other company.

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