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    100Mbit dedicated - recommendations?

    Hi there,

    We're looking to expand our servers and we are looking for a solid provider who can give us a decent spec machine (1024Mb ram, 60gb hd, P4 or AMD athlon) with a 100Mbit connection at preferibly 800gb or higher of monthly data transfer. We're looking to pay not more than $250 USD per month.

    I've been reading the forums for the past week, and we have decided NOT to go with SM/TP or - we've just heard too many bad stories about them, sorry guys.

    We are currently with ServerBeach at the moment who are an AWESOME provider, their network uptime has been 100% since we joined them at the beginning of october. Sadly though they only offer 10Mbit connections which are not enough for our needs anymore, but if anyone ever needs a 10Mbit dedicated - ServerBeach are second to none, a truely fantastic ISP.

    We basicly need a host with the very best network uptime, obviously for $250 per month we're not going to get some rackspace 100% SLA or anything (although it would be nice )

    I've been looking at as a provider, who seem very resonable. Has anyone got any experiences with them they would like to share?

    EDIT: - We do not want to go with the 'budget' EV1, SM/TP, Managed, etc for various reasons down to uptime & reliability. We've had clients who have migrated from EV1 due to common network problems & DDOS attacks on their network.

    Any suggestions would be very well appricated, and I will continue to keep searching the forums, thanks alot.

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    check out

    very fast network, and really good uptime for $50 more you should even be able to get a dual xeon 2.4ghz most likely.

    if you're interested or have some questions feel free to contact me and ill answer them...

    im with ********** for colocation, ********** buys bandwidth from choopa so i know the network is good.. fnap only offers colocation now though (its cheaper thru fnap then choopa)

    but i heard choopa support is good too from friends who run game servers there

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    In all honesty. I would recomend getting a rackmount server, colocating it though They have great deals, 5, 10, & 100Mbps fixed connections. For a one unit and 5mbps fixed (about 1,500Gb in and Out) for around $275 a month. This should be more than enough for what you need

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    Take a look at

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    I'd recommend that you contact the guys at - I'm sure they'd be able to sort something out with you.

    I've had a server with them for quite some time, and had amazing uptime. I think they may be currently out of stock, but talk to them anyway.

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    surf to or contact BobFarmer on this board,
    he'll be able to work sth. out for you with nice specs for a good price and on a very reliable and speedy network!
    Just take a look at their last offer in the Dedicated Offerings Forum!
    Great Deal!
    ... and remember they'r offering Managed Services!
    I've been with them since almost two years and they'r rocking more than ever!

    Good luck with your decision...
    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

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