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    Could I know what models of celeron has 512K cache please?
    What is your DC?


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    Maybe a processor + a celeron processor for free :p

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    Processor Speed 1.20 GHz
    Package Type FC-PGA2
    Bus Speed 100 MHz
    L2 Cache Size 256K
    Process 0.13 micron

    Thanks. it is 256 k cache.

    We use 2 DC Levle 3 in Phillidelphia and Switich and data market strreet location in philadelphia

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    Does this include cpanel/whm prices?

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    We have no cpanel/whm agreement currently. We usually install webmin. Most folks are happy with it. I have just contacted cpanel to get there re-saler package, so i don't have adaquit information at this time to give you a quote. They gave me a ball park of around $40 a month for 10-15 user commitment. I am sure this will go down as i find more information about there product and create more demand for it. I see most folks offer it at $15-$20 a month. once I see the commitment rates I will come out with a package with it packaged in. I am guessing in the $70-80 a month range.

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