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Thread: Raid 1 Scsi

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    Raid 1 Scsi


    i got a new server with hardware raid 1, how can i check if it is working fine? for the ide version i used cat /proc/mdstat but for raid?

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    hardware raid is very vendor specific, i would check with the manufacturer

    there is no generic software to monitor hardware raid that i know of

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    Correct. mdstat only monitors software (kernel-level) RAID. For hardware RAID, you will need the RAID tools from the vendor, since there is no standard for RAID card reporting and configuring.
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    I have a Adaptec AIC-7902 U320 but i can't find any tool to install and check via ssh the raid information ;(

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    Did you configure the array before you partitioned the server and installed the system?

    I find the easiest way to check is to look and see if both lights are flashing. I know this is archane but is a quick and dirty look. Of course once it is set up right then checking log files almost always logs an error when a problem occurs.

    Hope this helps

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    I am sorry but i dont have configure the server, i got it ready from the datacenter

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    Hardware Raid

    Originally posted by dlc2000
    I am sorry but i dont have configure the server, i got it ready from the datacenter
    Sadly this is a difficult issue to figure out. Without special tools from Adaptec for your operating system there is no easy way I know of to check this.

    One easy way that I have used in the past for hardware based raid cards is on boot up the logs should show the interface that is being used and possibly the Raid Settings. This may be card specific though. Did you check then you the server is booted up and if so what did it show?

    If a problem arises I usually find it is logged in the files (i.e. a drive fails).

    Of course if all else fails you can check the software with physical access to the machine

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