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    * i want to transfer a SM server, save on setup and cpanel

    If someone is interested, i want to transfer my SM server (you wouldn't have to pay the $99 setup neither the extra $20 monthly for Cpanel)

    i've had a SM server for almost 2 months, in which i haven't been able to use it as i wanted, and the parts that worked could be something i could host in a shared server. I sent the cancellation and they said i should have done in 7 days in advance (so on saturday and not today).

    the server features are these:

    2.4GHz celeron
    80GB hard drive
    512 MB RAM
    1000 GB bandwidth
    Cpanel and Fantastico included
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
    Urchin 100 profiles
    5 IP's
    10 mbps uplink

    I paid $99 for setup and is $79 montly (usually they charge $20 more for Cpanel/WHM monthly)

    if someone wants it, send me a PM and i'll try to make the transfer as soon as possible n_n if it's before friday, probably they could start making the charge directly to you, if not, you'd just have to pay me that month (through paypal) and it's all yours

    enjoy your flaming and hypocracy

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    It's spoken for, sorry.
    I may disagree with what it is you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it.

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    if someone is interested i still have this SM server for sale, i'm just asking $100 (through paypal), and i'd also need you call SM to confirm the change and give them the extra info they would need (name, adress, CC, etc.) If you want it. send me a private message to give you my paypal account and give me your email, address and full name to put the ticket in SM to start the change (after that is when i'd ask you to call them).

    Remember the most similar server in SM now is $99 setup, $99 monthly +$20 monthly for cpanel and fantastico, and with the one i'm offering you'll just continue paying the $80 monthly with Cpanel and Fantastico included

    Remember is a FULL dedicated server that i want to transfer to anyone interested, this month has been fullpaid and has not been used.


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