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    running different types of servers

    for those of you riunning both linux and windows servers, how do you integrate them?
    For billing, etc?
    If you have automatic setup, how does your billing software create it on each server?

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    H-Sphere from allows you to run multiple operating systems (FreeBSD, RedHat, Windows 200x) very easily.

    The system allows you to manage any size cluster of servers no matter where they are located.

    So you could have your Windows 200x servers in one data center (or spread across several), your Unix ones in another, and so on.

    Unlike "just another control panel" systems like cpanel, H-Sphere provides complete hosting automation out of the box.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    We utilize H-Sphere to integrate our Unix and Windows Servers. We also use the built in billing and trouble ticket system. No complaints so far.

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    I <3 H-Sphere

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