This is the biggest headache available!! I thought I would try out Mesopia for their web hosting... but soon discovered that they have -0- customer service. They do not answer the phones, nor return calls despite repeated attempts to contact them. Although they offer a 30 day (no question) guarantee - there is no question that they will never see or answer your question!

They only send these automated email respones when you email.

Finally (after disputing the charges on my credit card) I got a refund weeks later, only to have them COLOR=crimson]CHARGE MY CARD AGAIN - UNAUTHORIZED[/COLOR] ---

I don't know about you but where I come from that is called robbery and is a crime!

So now I have to fight them AGAIN for a month to try and get this settled. The account was cancelled - they just don't read emails or listen to phone messages - they only TAKE YOUR MONEY!!!

Whatever you do - do not use -