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    No fluff, just a basic server

    Hi All,

    I just signed up - should have done this years ago.

    Can someone point me in the direction of a How-to or guide of some sort that will aid me in installing Linux with only what I need and not all the fluff that comes bundled in most distributions.

    i.e. A guy who used to work here used to remove things like rlogin, telnet and other things he claimed posed a security risk.

    What I'm looking for is "This is all you need for an email server" then anything else can be added later, rather than install a server followed by searching for all the horrible nasties to uninstall.

    I'd likely be using RedHat 7, 8 or 9.

    Making any sense?



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    Even with redhat you can customize the install, just don't choose the basic options, choose to pick your packages manually. If all you want is a mail server, then only install the SMTP and POP type packages... obviously you'll need to dig around during the install, but it's doable.

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