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    Community home page builder

    I run a .org hosting site for artists (Win2003 running Apache2 with PHP, Perl, and MySQL). Some of my users don't know how to create web sites so I was wondering what was your suggestions/experience on a EASY to use for novice users but decent (in tools and features) online web page builder? We do not charge for our services so cost is a major factor as everything comes out of my pocket. However I would be willing to spend a few hundred dollars if the package was down right useful/good. Being a org I can't afford to spend money on something that will not be used. So I really need some suggestions here from the experienced ones!


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    Do you have somethign like Frontpage Express (come free with most windows computers)? Because what you could do is sign-up for for their Tripod free hosting. Build your website with their online software. Then go into the FTP access they give you, then download it to your computer.
    Now open a website editing program and delete where it says something like "Tripod Hosting."
    Now, just save and put it into htdocs.
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    That's do-able. But I'd kinda hate to tell my members to go to Tripod.

    What I'm hoping for is someone with experience in a online page builder I could download or buy. Any experience out there?

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    You could alsop offer free hsoting

    try can offer free hosting and comes with a site builder for the end client other wise if you have your own server and want it complely branded

    Purchasing SiteStudio: You can purchase SiteStudio full license at the ONE-TIME fee of $1.50 per user with the first minimum pack of 100 users (a total of $150). You can purchase additional user licenses at any later time. Once you paid $75 one time fee for the installation, this price includes installation of all software necessary for SS to work properly. You don't have to install any additional software yourself.

    Hope that helps

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