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    How can i test a network or a server bandwith?

    Newbie Question here!!

    I am new at WHT and i'd like a small help from any WHT member.

    How can i test a network or a server bandwith? I'm going to rent for a full year a dedicated server and i' d like some information about Networks, Datacenters, and Server's Bandwidth Performance.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Decide where is the main target audience of your server. If it is in Europe, run some traceroutes and pings and compare the results.

    You can also ask for a download file if that is more of a concern. Generally, unless your usage is either ping sensitive (such as game hosting) or download intensive (download server), most datacenters should do the job well.

    Also as a general rule of thumb, a data center nearer to the destination should perform better. That is why if you do have a rather niche target area or market, this would come into play.

    A place where you can get a lot of places to traceroute from is
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    Sprintserve Thanks for your rep. i am new at WHT but i read a lot of threads (WHT scanner).
    The server is a webserver (serving small traffic companies) all the money from hosting invested to dedicated hosting in order to learn.
    Once again i' d like to thank you 4rep.

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