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    Modern Bill Installation Error

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but i'm really desperate for an answer.

    Has anyone come across this error:

    Fatal error: Unable to read 19730 bytes in /home/<user>/public_html/install_v4/index2.php on line 0


    Not sure what it means, any ideas?


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    Could be one of several things.

    Namely, you could have uploaded it in the wrong format (BINARY vs ASCII) or you may have the wrong ownership (perhaps you uploaded it in root when it should have been in the user) or maybe you have the wrong permissions. If wrong upload format, you'll have to re-upload in the correct format. OR the software may not have the license installed (not sure if that would cause this error).

    In any case, you should ask MB support for the answer to this question.
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    I would recommend making sure it is a binary upload and leave it in the tar.gz format. Once on the server you can unzip and this will help maintain the integrity of the files.

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