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    Crazy quota problem cpanel

    I have this website on my cpanel linux server
    When i login to its cpanel it shows disk usage 34 MB on main screen

    When I go to disk usage viewer . It shows correct usage of 400 Mb

    Even running du-sm gives correct output through shell

    Tried running /scripts/fixquotas without any result

    Even did a cpanel account copy to another machine we have and had the exact same result there too, Actual usage 400 + Mb and shows 34 MB

    Ideas anyone , driving me crazy

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    I faced same problem several times. I backed up everything and recreated the account but nothing changed. I tried to run fixquotas, nothing changed, couple of days later, I fixed it by rerunning fixquotas. Probobly it is a bug in cpanel. Try to run fixquotas several times...

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    This happens from release to release of Cpanel it seems. If you wait until the next upgrade it usually sorts itself out. You also might try running /scripts/fixeverything.

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    Check the ownership of the files.

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    I have the same problem and i found that my filesystem was corrupt so try to run a fsck

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