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    hi all,

    i now that there is go-mono to enable .net framework on Linux and i installed it well.
    but i cant run and can't match it with APACHE. i have apache 1.3 and want to match go-mono with it (use mod_haydro)

    please help me

    thanks a lot, omid

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    Go to to get more information on how you can configure this correctly.

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    sorry, but i can't find any useful information there.

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    If you wan't ASP, use windows. ASP and Linux don't mix well at all.

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    but what about, i want to use it on linux.

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    You would probably have better luck asking at one of the lists here :

    But until the technology becomes more stable I wouldn't consider .NET on Linux ... if I HAD to use .NET I would use it on Windows.

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    .net really windows is your only option to me. .net is built for windows like PHP is built for linux. Only thing close i have seen on linux is chilisoft but still better to get windows server for .net apps.

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    I would say for ASP, for sure go windows, but for mono is good.

    I know of one highly reliable PRODUCTION product already running on mono, it is the mirra personal backup server. it is a great product with frontend on linux backend, runs great.

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    says you need mod perl installed as well in case you dont have it
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    Thanks for your replies, but i want to know how to install ASP.NET on APACHE 1.3.
    thanks, omid

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    see my above post that should be what you need unless i'm not completly understanding

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    Are you following the directions and using the resources(docs, forums, blogs, lists ...) available at Seems like you will get better information from them.

    But ... have you installed the apache module?

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    thanks a lot.
    dear Joekushner, apache-asp used for ASP3 (ASP CLASSIC) but i want to use ASP.NET.

    dear Rokamortis, go-mono extends an extention (module) for APACHE 2, named mod_mono, and there is one for APACHE 1.3, named mod_haydro, that go-mono didn't support them!!

    NOW, i want to use mod_haydro for apache 1.3 to use mono, but i can't install it, i was searched all the mailing lists of mono site but i cant find any usefull information there.

    Thanks a lot, omid

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    i found something new!! in you link, Rokamortis.
    It works with both 1.3 and 2.0 versions of the apache server.
    that was fantastic if mod_mono works with 1.3 too.

    thanks Rok

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    i found some other new infos,
    text: Modules developed for Apache 2 are not compatible with Apache 1.3 Daniel plans to support Apache 1.3 in the future but the current focus is on Apache 2.

    text: Does mod_mono run on Apache 1.3?
    Not yet, but support is planned.

    what now?!

    thanks, omid

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    It sucks when a site doesn't keep up with their documentation and faqs.

    But I found this on their 'old news' page:

    Aug 5th, 2003: New Apache Module architecture: 1.3 and 2.x supported

    Gonzalo rearchitected our Apache module for hosting Mono and ASP.NET. The previous incarnation hosted a Mono runtime on each Apache process, which lead to a slow setup for webforms. The new setup uses a shared mono process for all the incoming requests. Daniel later improved up the new architecture and added dual support, so now in addition to Apache 2.x, we support Apache 1.3 with the same codebase.

    The new code is available on CVS, on module `mod_mono', and now requires an XSP installation to be available.
    Looks like you have to install XSP though ...

    Check out this post;start=7

    That forum in general probably seems to have some good info on Mono ... probably a good resource to ask questions and such.

    Someone made mention in the thread I posted to look at the README file for mod_mono - that probably is your best bet right now.

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    i sent a mail to Daniel (the mono developer) and ask him, he told me that, his new version of module (corrent version) supports 1.3 and 2.

    SO, we can use mod_mono to use mono in both APACHE 1.3 and 2.

    thanks guys, for your helps

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    the latest release of mod_mono is here -> and it is 0.8 version, Daniel told me that the FIRST version will be published two months later

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