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    Please review my site

    Hi all. I know ive had this for review before but ive made a few changes and want some input on what cn be made better etc.

    The site is

    Please dont be afraid to tell me its crap if thats what you think as long as you can give some suggestions on how to make it better!

    Thanks James

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    I think it look professional but at the same time it's really plain, maybe a little more graphics would make it look better

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    yeah, i agree
    It is simple to use, but it is a bit too simple.
    It would turn me away if i was a customer.

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    The simple and professional layout is a plus. I would recommend adding a logo and possibly some stock images ( ).
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    any ideas on placement of images and would someone be able to make a logo for me or point me in the direction of someone who can?

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