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    * good reliable dedicated server to start a (small) webhosting company

    Has good customer support
    Very good uptimes

    for around 100-150/month

    I don't want managed
    and heard Servermatrix doesnt have a good customer support

    I was thinking of but they have a rather strict policy.

    also 1000+ bandwith

    thanks in advance

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    For around $100-150/mth, I bet you can only get good server specifications from Servermatrix, Nocster/BurstNET or Managed.

    Alternatively, you may try some other reliable providers below:

    Out of the list above, Rackspace has the best managed solution & customer support. Of course, its pricing is expensive.

    Hope that helps.

    ps: Do hire an admin if you are new to managing a server as I can see most downtime are due to server not being managed properly and blames go to the providers' network :p

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    Re: good reliable dedicated server to start a (small) webhosting company

    Originally posted by shraz
    and heard Servermatrix doesnt have a good customer support
    I just signed on with them late last week. Server was up within the 24 hours as promised. I had to fill out 2 tickets for support, both answered and resolved within 20 minutes and 1 reboot request. They rebooted the server 3 minutes after I sent them the ticket.

    My only complaint was that they didn't download the fanastico install files for me (should have been included). No biggie, I downloaded them and followed their instructions in my welcome letter for the install.
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    We have a couple of servers with SM and their reboot times are very bad in all cases. Last month we had issues with the RHEL kernel and every reboot ticket took an average of around 25 minutes to be completed and in some cases it took longer.

    This with us calling them up after putting a ticket and waiting for 10 minutes.

    I'd rather suggest going with Gnax - you get a top notch network and a reboot port too

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    which gnax reseller has the best price

  6. #6 offers servers starting at that price, and if they admin them as well as they do their VPS you would be in good hands.

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    i recommend beachcomber:

    they currently have some good offers here:
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    which gnax reseller has the best price
    Price is not the biggest issue. Check out the hardware, the support team, their testimonials, years of hosting. Ask them a few questions and then finally decide. Don't allow price to be the primary concern. I am sure your reputation with your clients are worth way more than that

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