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    need logos/icons

    I need several original logos and icons for various purposes. I've searched this forum for logo designers and haven't been able to find what I was looking for. I'll explain briefly what I'm looking for...

    1) a logo in a minimalist style (the RedHat Linux logo is a good example of the style that I'm looking for)

    2) an icon for a calendar program that is on several platforms (Windows, Palm, web, etc)

    I don't have a fortune to spend on this, but if the work meets my criteria, I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee. Of course, I won't object to cheap . This will just allow me to purchase multiple works from you.

    I don't check my PM messages too carefully, so if you're interested, please contact me by email. Also, be patient, I don't always handle my email promptly. If you have a samples portfolio that I can view that would really be helpful.


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    please check and let me know if you are interested. thanks!

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    Sent you an email (using the email system they have here). Kindly check.


    S. Faruque

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    Here is some samples of icons and logos i did at last time.


    I can do minimalistic icons and logos too.
    I'm willing to be paid a reasonable fee... the question is how many money you think is reasonable?

    I usually charge about 100-300 US$.

    Let me know if you are interested please.

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    i can do icons for about 10 dollars each and logos anywhere from 50-75. I do quality work for very cheap. IM me on AIM: tpe1364

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