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    Hello everyone,

    I am a completely rookie to the web site scene. I am the President and website manager of my local retriever clubs web site. I found this site about four months ago and its info has proved extremely helpful to my needs. Through the site I found a host and I am trying to return the favor to all of you by posting my limited experiences with this site.

    My site only uses 13 mb of disk space, 55 mb of bandwidth, and 2 mySQL databases for our phpBB forum. We have been up and running since December 2003 with no noticeable down times. I have had only one problem and that was a weird change in the extensions of three of my pages. I changed them back and have not had a problem since. I do not know if it was an issue with my html editor or the web host (I told you that I am a rookie).

    I have not had any problems as of late, so I really can not comment on the current customer service. For a small site like mine, everything is delightful. If you want to check out the site here it is-

    Hope this helps at least someone like others reviews helped me.


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    Seems like you really found yourself a good host...
    New site:

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