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    established site for sale, pr 5 on ebay now

    Hello everyone, I bought this site about a month ago, since then, I have redesigned the total site, put it on a different database, and a lot more. Anyways, I thought I was going to have time to work on it, but recently I don't have much time to even work on my clients sites. I could also use some extra cash to fund a project I am currently paying someone to work on a project for me. I'm not looking to profit from the site, although I have put in 40+ hours that I know of into the site already, so therefore my loss = your gain.

    PR of 5, 70 + visitors a day, site has been up since october 2003

    go to the auction for details here -

    reserve is set at 150.00, which is what I paid for it a month ago.

    If your not interested in buying, or have any rude comments, then don't post here, please.

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    ebay link doesn't show

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    thanks guys, for some reason it cut it off.

    also, it's a Pagerank 6, not 5 if it matters to anyone.

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