If you contact me by Instant Messenger to offer me anything, wether it be a proposal, business opputunity or selling your services, do not follow the following path;

I was contacted by an un-named person offering me advertisement. Due to upcoming in-house projects, I thought I would take a look and see if they're worth anything to me.

So I look at the site (Not to professional so I'm inclined to decline the offer) not a problem however. I then ask to contact me again (pretty good stats) once they renovate the site. I ask if he's a designer and he says yes. This poor guy didn't know the meaning, simple word, so I explain that it's to unprofessional for our company to advertise there and that once they redesign to contact me again. He explains he wants something to suit all webmasters, so I simple tell him to create one that suits them all. He then asks 'like what' (That's the don't do point).

I have no problem with people asking how they should design their site, comments, suggestions and anything else, but when a 'designer' (I tend to class these as freelancers) asks a developer how he should design his site, that's just wrong.

Just had to laugh about this a little and let people know