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    Newbie PLESK 7.0 DNS settings question

    Hi, I am a bit new at this, and really enjoy learning about my server and hosting. My question is this: In PLESK 7.0 for my domain of dwb1com I am using the default "template" for DNS. Below are the settings. My question is how many of these settings do I NOT need, and might possibly be screwing me up? Thanks in advance. The fact that I have my server with 1and1 is confusing me a bit, but that is for another thread

    I am not able to post my settings here till I have more posts

    Could someone maybe post the DNS settings that ARE necessary. I seem to have 3 CNAME records for example. I have read where one may not need ANY CNAME records. I know that I need NS and MX records, also A but am just not sure about the rest.

    I would be happy to email someone my existing records from PLESK if that would help.

    Confused now, but determined to learn this!

    I appreciate any help.


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    Originally posted by capeside
    Confused now, but determined to learn this!

    This is our template

    <domain>. NS
    <domain>. NS
    <domain>. A
    mail.<domain>. A
    webmail.<domain>. A
    ftp.<domain>. CNAME <domain>.
    www.<domain>. CNAME <domain>.
    <domain>. MX (10) mail.<domain>. / 24 PTR <domain>.

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    thanks for the quick replies. I have deleted a couple of seemingly unnecessary CNAME's and one unnecessary NS.

    Here are the former settings. / 24 PTR A MX (10) NS NS CNAME CNAME A A A CNAME

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