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    norton ghost replacement


    what do you guys use to duplicate your linux boxes? I have like 5 identical fedora core installs i have to set up and for some reason ghost doesn't like grub and gives me bunch of weird errors.

    doing this thing over the network would be a big plus... how about rsync? has anyone tried that?

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    I don't do anything complicated. I use a simple solution that is included stock with about every linux box out there. Note that you need machines with identical physical device sizes for this to work well. Here are the steps I take:

    1. Boot machine to be cloned to knoppix, or tom's root boot etc.
    2. Get the machine attached to a network with an accessible volume with a large amount of free space
    3. Choose nfs or ssh to do the transfer. I usually use nfs as it is simpler and doesn't have any encryption overhead.
    4. Do a dd. --- this is the step that actuall clones the drive. Do a dd as such:
    NFS: dd if=/dev/disk/to/clone of=/path/to/large/writeable/space/image.raw
    SSH: dd if=/dev/disk/to/clone | ssh [email protected] of=/path/to/large/writeable/space/image.raw
    5. Then boot the target machine and do the reverse to dd the image to the disk.

    If you want to do this without taking so much space, you can use gzip to compress it during the dd.

    If you have more complicated needs, look at the program found here:
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    Try using the -fdsp switch when you ghost, I believe this helps preserve the boot sector, and eliminate errors like that.

    Aside from ghost, powerquest, or try GFU (ghost for Unix (open source).
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