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    Dedicated Game server deals.

    Battlefield 1942 and mods
    Battlefield Vietnam

    36 Player server $150 (larger sizes also available)

    Space is limited.

    This deal is mostly for Battlefield. However the offer is good for other games as long as they will run well on a 2600+ and use less than 2 megs of bandwidth. If you choose to rent a game other than BF, player slots are only limited to what the machine can handle. This is a great deal for servers that typically consume alot of resources (UT 2004, HL- Natural selection, Farcry).

    Im not a rackshack/servermatrix reseller. I personally own all my own gear and am on a proven low latency network.

    IP to ping

    Email - [email protected]
    AIM- WickedGamercom
    ICQ- 237300805

    If you have questions please let me know.



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    How much could you host a 16 player public Counter-Strike 1.6 server for?

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    A 1.6 CS server is $80 a month.

    Im more expensive than most of the people you will find in here. But my prices are on par with the better game server providers.

    Here is a 1.6 server I host check it out. [Chimps] treehouse


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