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    Question Where can I download cPanel for Raq 4r-550

    Does anyone know where I can download a cPanel type package for the RaQ 4?

    I'm not stuck on cPanel and would be open to other Control Panels, especially if they are free!

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    theres no such thing as a cpanel type package for the raq's

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    You can try webmin.... I have a problem with sendmail where I have more topic for running at the moment but no reply

    Webmin runs great on a raq... you only have to know the right setting for sendmail and I can't figure it out

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    whats wrong with the cobalt gui control panel thats built-in and the whole point to many of actually having a raq ?
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    - Basically, Sun dropped the Cobalt line. I like the Cobalt GUI so I am going with Netsolid. If you check out they have a replacement for Cobalts running Redhat and Ferdora. Plus, They support my Cobalt products (3's and 4's). You can't go wrong I guess with former Cobalt and Redhat guys running the company.

    - I also do like Webmin and use that for an internal KB and have never had a problem with it. I can help you install webmin it if need be.

    - Cpanel will not go on the Cobalts. They will need to create one with the correct boot script. I wouldn't really go with that one anyways.

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