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    Melitaweb Closed???

    Hi I just noticed that my most, melitaweb, posted the following:

    " is closing it's international hosting on 21st May 2004 If you have any questions please address them to support"

    Surely their customers deserve more of an explanation that this terse one-liner! What do you make of this?

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    maybe bankrupt
    at least they're giving you a month to move better than some companies out there.
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    I would say they are going out of business. Have you tried to e-mail them by chance?

    Too many hosting companies these days are "fly by night". Just curious, where were they located?


    Damion McHenry

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    Thanks for the feedback so far.

    Yes, I just emailed melitaweb. No response so far.

    They've been great up until now.

    As for their location, I'm not sure. has prices quoted in Lm and that was for their local business. was for international customers.

    The whosis data for the domains indicates

    White Rose House
    Xintill Street
    Tarxien PLA11, PLA11

    It's too bad they didnt stick around. Now I'm going to have to find another host. I've had more hosts than birthdays in the last few years.

    One other thing: I guess I wont get back any monies owing for unused hosting months.

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    At least they gave you a pretty good chunk of a notice. Most other companies just decide to close up shop one day.

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    Look under RelatedOffers & Requests to see if you can recognize some post related to them - because most hosts that are going out sell their client-base in that forum. So, if you're being Sold, you should know

    But when someone sells, he gets a new temporary userid approved from the MODS, so you may have a hard time recognizing which user has put the Co. on sale.

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    If they were planning on selling their client base, they wouldn't issue such an announcement. Otherwise, all of their clients would leave - and there wouldn't be any clients to sell.

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    Just an update on this story. This message is posted at the site now: " is closing it's international reseller hosting on 21st May 2004 Please note this *only* affects resellers - if you have a single yearly hosting plan with us it will remain hosted until it's natural expiry. If you have any questions please address them to [email protected]"

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    Interesting - Kinda shocking - those customers (resellers) are worth money to them - I wonder why they wouldnt just sell those customers....

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    Im pretty sure thats a Maltese address, as LM is the maltese lira.

    Edit: Yes it is, its the home of the Tarxian temples. Just south of valletta if i remember correctly. High quality hosting, low low prices.
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