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    Please rate my politics discussion website.

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    looks like any other forum.

    But its a good domain.

    A designer, could easily put a nice banner up there.

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    I agree you have a great domain should turn in to something pretty good so long as u maintain it, btw care to do some banner or txt link exchange I have a feeling its only a matter of time before you start getting lots of good hits with a domain like that

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    i agree that a graphic might help at the top of the page.

    i'd have a login box like at top right of page

    i'd have the forum area smaller and the last post info bigger

    i'd have space bw your titles and your body copy

    ie Announcements

    The latest news about

    The latest news about

    i'd have post reply after evey post in lower right hand side.

    once i'm in the site the body text is easy to read big enough point size
    and the layout of the posts is good, easy to see, inviting to the eye.


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    I think the site looks good. Its fast, functional and has a decent color scheme. Perhaps in the future you may want to invest in something a little more appealing, but for now I would just wait to see how your users react to it.

    It is a political forum after all. I would just concentrate on producing good thread content and just let the look of the site evolve when its ready.

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    The main reason for the choice of template is that for a political forum like this, content and activity should be MUCH more important than looks in my opinion.

    The way it is, it uses minimam graphics, loads very quickly, and is clean and easy to look at.

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    Heh.. you brought up a one month old review.

    anyway, it looks like any other forum.

    With good content, you could do fine.

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