We're running special intro rate to help fill a few servers.

Our plans are perfect for download sites, media hosting, image galleries, etc. We only host static content. Our plans are meant to complement an existing web hosting package by saving you money on bandwidth charges.


Outgrew the bandwidth from your shared host but not ready to manage a dedicated server? Don't want to pay for servers in premium datacenters but still want reliability?

Our plans take the trouble out of running a download site. They are unique in that we mirror your content in different datacenters to protect you from outages. You won't find this level of reliability for our prices anywhere. In fact, they're so low they won't last long! Act now and secure your low rates.

We have no set plans, but allow you to put together what you need. These rates are per unit rates and you can scale them as you please. Large orders will require phone confirmation.

$2/GB disk
$10/100GB xfer

For example, 5GB of space and 500GB of transfer is just $60! The closest you could get to our offer would be gambling on some budget dedicated server provider. You wouldn't get any of the redundancy, though, and you'd have to manage the server yourself.


If you have any questions, email me at [email protected] or aim me at wushdotnet. Remember, there are only a limited number of accounts being made, so act quickly.

Enjoy the deals,
Michael Ching