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    Full DS-3 (45Mbps) 1,000/month


    Looking to take advantage of the other side of our unused bandwidth traffic (ISP/Pull traffic) in our Los Angeles & Phoenix data centers. This is a great solution for ISPs, large corporations, wireless providers those areas. $1,000/month for 45mbps of pull traffic. **does not include loop**

    As always we have competitive price points in every market
    Level (3) serves. Ports directly on Level 3 routers. In every major US and Western European Market. Prices as low as thirty dollars per Mbps. Great support and billing, flexible terms, Own ANS number. Looking for resellers as well.


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    What is your AS and what datacenter are you located in Phoenix?


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    We are in 811 South Sixteenth St Phoenix, AZ and 120 E. Van Buren Phoenix, AZ.

    ASNumber: 26769

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