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    Question Limited permissions in subdirectories

    Yes I'm a newbie and I am setting up a new RaQ 4r-550.

    Even when logged in (FTP or Telnet) as admin I have very limited permissions on directories below the Web root. In subdirectories I can't set permissions or even extract a tar file.

    How do I allow full access to all the directories?

    Thanks for any help.

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    try su - or su root. Usually you need to be root, not admin. Also, do ls -l which will show you who has permissions for the files you are trying to edit or view

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    Thanks for that advice. I did do a su as root and still couldn't extract tar files in subdirectories.

    I also like to do chmod with my FTP program but it comes back that I don't have permission in subdirectories. Again, the Web root directory works fine.

    I set up a Red Hat Linux server years ago and had the same problem. I thought I had made a change to one of the conf files to correct it. It's been so long I just can't remember.

    I really want to correct this globally so any user that logs in will have full permissions through all their directories.

    Thanks again.

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    Standard cobalts have no restrictions as far as I know. Im a newbie too and only know what I know from using them over the years. Youd be lucky to get a response from this site though.

    are you doing tar -xvf or some other command? I cant imagine a restriction n a tar file unless someone edited the conf files

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