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    Need help finding a new desk.

    After viewing others home workstation setup Iíve become jealous. I'm looking to buy a new desk that isn't too expensive (Under $250?). I've tried Office Max; Office Depot; Ikea; Walmart; Staples; BestBuy and Outpost online as well as a few furniture stores which had a limited selection. I would go in store if they were not so far away. The Sunday ads don't help either. I've been to Frys and they don't have a good selection unfortunately.

    Here is my current desk. I'm running out of room and it's crazy and annoying. I have two computers out at the moment and two monitors. I would like to add another monitor soon or another computer. I would like to have in the future dual LCD monitors and another computer. I need a lot of room which I don't have right now which is a pain. I like the medium dark wood and the color black. Those colors go together great. My current space situation for a new desk is 64 inches on the right and up top six feet on the left with nice depth for the desk.

    I've saved a few pictures of desks that have similar layouts of what I would like to have. Wondering if anyone has any ideas in mind. Also, I would hate having the "PC Tray" under the monitor in the center like what most of the newer desk models are coming out with. I would like to display my computer either under the desk or on top if possible with no 'shelf' to put my PC in. Not only is it a waste of time, annoying but I like to see my computer and have easy access to it since I do a lot of working and move it around a lot. I also have a Z-680 sub woofer I need to have room for under the desk. Also, enough leg room while having the sub woofer, garbage can, etc underneath. - The main desk, not the add-on desk.

    This desk would be great if it had 3 1/2 feet more desk room to the sides and a pullout keyboard tray. I would like the desk to be all in one piece with no gaps. I would really prefer to have the monitor on a raised tray with 4/5 inch clearance to give more room to store my items.

    Here is another desk that would be perfect for me if it was longer on the right side.

    This desk would be perfect if it did not have the 'PC Cart' in the middle and had more shelves on top in the middle (Less then 2 feet on each side)

    This would be a nice desk also if it did not have the shelves on the sides and had more of a monitor shelf on the top. The depth is also too much, I don't want to be too far away from the monitor. (It may just be the angle.)

    This would also be a nice desk if the color was changed, more monitor room on the top, no pullout shelves under the monitor and on the right side.

    Iím hoping someone could help with finding a new desk, or a few websites that I can look at to buy a new desk from. I've been looking quite awhile and hopefully his will be the end to my searching and waiting.
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