IIS Log Manager v1.0,
The IIS log management software is the first commercial script of of its kind to calculate monthly bandwidth for every site in IIS, and archive this information in a database. The web front end(ASP) will allow you to query this data and display the amount of bandwidth used per domain. The software will also delete and archive your log files based on the criteria you select via the web interface*.

The log manager backend runs via the Windows scheduler and can be set to run at a time of your choosing. Log manager is extremely light on resources and will go unnoticed when running due to its streamline architecture.

Order IIS Version $39.99

Order Ensim Pro Version $49.99

* Web interface requires pages to be loaded via IIS(doesnt have to be web accessible and is password protected)

** Ensim version will also display the total monthly bandwidth used per reseller (windows only)

Features include
+ Calculate bandwidth used per site
+ Calculate bandwidth used per reseller
+ Archived bandwidth data on a monthly basis
+ Deletion of log files at set intervals
+ Zipping of log files after processing
+ Configurable age for log files that should be processed
+ Web front end for viewable results

Windows 2000,2003 Server
IIS 5 or 6

Screenshots via http://www.4web-space.com/software.htm