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    New API - Need testers at $6.75 per domain

    We are an ICANN accredited company and have just launched our new Domain Registration API. We need a few people willing to test it and report bugs and/or suggestions. We are willing to give domain names at $6.75 with a minimum of $50 deposit.

    - All Top Level Domains available
    - Whois data is transparent - Your infromation shows up
    - You set your own price
    - No setup fee or Activation fee

    There is no cost for the API. This API works only on Windows Platform currently.

    Please write if interested to: [email protected]
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    Are the docs for the protocol available so a non windows version can be made?

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    The problem with this is that since we do not have any Linux people in-house, we would not be able to give support to our Linux based resellers.

    That would be a big issue since we really strive on giving excellent support.

    Any ideas are more than welcomed.
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    Not to be a jerk but 'excellent support' might require 'the OS the internet runs on' to be included dont ya think?

    EDIT: jbw: ... but I know where you can get a Raq 3 pretty cheap! (Sorry, I'm in a dang silly mood!)

    Seriously... Looks like a lot of time and money by the looks of your site 10 domains, very nice! Don't you think that is going to REALLY hurt your business?

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    Yes, we are aware most people use Linux and we are headed that way, but again, we just launched the API and its all a work in progress.

    We decided to create the API on windows because we run on windows. Eventually we will offer both platforms.

    We have an API based on Linux but stopped debugging until we get the windows version right.

    Hope this helps answer some of the questions.
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    I PMed you about the subject.

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    Can you provide details on the API?

    Parava chases using RRP access on expiring domains, correct?

    What is the API's limit for sending check/buy commands?

    Is it instant or batched in groups of commands?
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    What sort of details do you need?

    We no longer chase expiring domain names, we used to have but are no longer offering the service.

    Currently there is no limit to sending check/buy commands, but our API is different. We just launched this API and are looking for people to test it. Obviously it should not be abused or reseller will find themselves suspended.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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