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    100Mbps colo + 1u + fast

    space for 1 server up to 4u
    100mbps unmetered shared

    $1800/month - no setup

    I have 100mbps commit with my provider and want to share it with someone to offset my cost.

    I dont use much bandwidth i only run some game servers and sometimes a shoutcast and burst sometimes but not for long at all.

    If anyone is interested please PM me or use the email me button... support would be provided through my provider and they are managed with all hardware and most software like kernel upgrades and they helped me when i got stuck on something that needed remote hands for free.
    you will have support desk access to their helpdesk

    they guarantee 100% uptime and for power and network.

    let me know if someone wants to share... adult is allowed, irc is allowed

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    you have any other than yahoo messenger? lol
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    More info...who is your provider? how much are you paying? what % of the bw will we get? how much do you expect in terms of $?

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    im using **********.com my price does not need to be disclosed, i use only about 5mbps, the price i want is in my original post $1800.

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