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    * Dlink 504 router problems

    i have recently set up a LAN using a dlink 504 router using static ip addresses. Now i need to access a webserver(Geovision Camera System) on one of the pc's(IP: I have got a global unique ip address from my isp but i'm not sure what to do next?

    can anybody please get me out of this mess



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    you want to access an internal web server from outside world ?

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    exactly.... i presume it can be done by getting the router to redirect to the host pc..

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    i'm not sure this can be done with this kind of router. Check manual on this. Also port forwarding wolud be good.

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    i've been doing my research and port forwarding seems like an option but you have to excuse my ignorance but how does it work and can it help me at all....

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    Exactly as said, you need to use the Port Forwarding feature of the router.

    Ext. Port -> IP
    80 ->

    Look in the manual, it says it all

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