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    Top Features in a shopping cart

    What do you guys see as the top featues in a shopping cart?

    These are my items:

    *Full Reports like gross sales, sales tax, etc.

    *Easy to integrate into my site with seamless integration

    *Easy to use admin area (not to cluttered)

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    The ability to integrate with a number of payment gateways is very important as well. Inventory management is always nice too.

    Thank you, Mitch Farber

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    Hi MrBojangles,

    My list - based on extensive customer polling is as follows:

    - ability to integrate with paypal + any other major gateway
    - ability to calculate taxes and build custom tax regions
    - table rate shipping + integration with any major shipping provider
    - Seamless integration with a content site (this one was a surprise to me and forced me to make changes in my thinking)
    - Ability to easily add content pages in order to build a useful resource site around the ecommerce site
    - Full, comprehensive statistics to determine effectiveness of marketing campaigns

    Many other results came out of our survey - but the above answers (or some variation) were most commonly mentioned.

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    Donít forget QuickBooks Integration if you use it...

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    One key point is flexibility, meaning, being able to customize the code to do what ever you need done.

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    what do you mean by

    "Full, comprehensive statistics to determine effectiveness of marketing campaigns"

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    I would also think a good customer service system that can be integrated with the shopping cart.

    This will include the structure of returns as well as any issue pertaining to refunds or repair or billing.

    The user management (customer database) is always important as well since returning customers are the best form of advertisement (Word of Month).

    Hope this might help

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