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    Fighting a chargeback

    We recently got charged back for a sale that is big enough to be worth fighting.

    Having never done this before, I'm looking for some advice as to how we should approach it.

    We have an AVS match on address and zip, and also a CVV match.

    The chargeback letter says that the customer does not recognize the charge.

    Any advice?


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    First... I would suggest calling your customer to ask them why they charged it back and do so in a polite manner, under the assumption that they made an honest mistake. (hopefully that is the case!)

    Then... see if you can get them to agree to call their issuing bank to indicate that they made the chargeback in error. Then also have them reply back in writing to you to the same effect and include this in your chargeback rebuttal form.

    You will also want to include all documentation you have on the sale on your chargeback rebuttal response.

    Now, if this is a cause of fraud, stolen card or a bad apple customer - you may have to take this further and even "go the distance" into cardholder arbitration if you feel your case is strong enough.

    Lastly, there are always the small claims courts as a last resort but with respect to handling this within the VISA/MC system - I'd suggest proceeding per the above to start with. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    Did you ship it to the bill-to address on the card?

    If not then you are going to take a hit. A lot of people have stolen cc and know the bill-to info and cvv number so it can pass the AVS.

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    You should have been running VbV or SecureCode.....these programs protect you against these type of scenarios. VbV is a 100% blanket protection on all cards for every instance of fraud.

    All a card has to do is pass AVS. If it does you can ship it and get paid.

    The tricky part about the program is getting hooked up with the correct vendor. PM me, mine is excelllent.

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    Do you have more information on VbV or SecureCode. It sounds like something I need to know more about.

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    Contact CardinalCommerce

    Their is extensive info on their site, which you should explore. I would also suggest you contact:

    Rick Lynch
    1-440-352-8444 x 112

    He was our rep who answered all of our questions.

    Its an excellent company and this is what they specialize in for merchants only. It was recommended to me through Corey Bryant.

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    card holder arbitration

    Does anyone know what the exact FTC Regulations are pertaining to chargebacks? For instance, the CC company give you only a small window of time to respond before they say you are no longer "elligible" to rebutt the chargeback. Is there something that superceeds the CC company's time line? It doesn't seem fair that a customer has up to a year to file a chargeback, yet the merchant is given very little time to repond.

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    very unfair...I agree

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    Well what is it that was sold ? Service or tangible item. Did they get exactly what you were offering and they paid for ? Other wise try and fight it but more then likely they will side with the consumer if they come up with something better then I dont recognize the charge, or perhaps they have a kid that snuck the credit card out and decided to spend a few bucks

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