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    how can i transfer a SM server to someone else?

    i've had a SM server for almost 2 months, in which i haven't been able to use it as i wanted, and the parts that worked could be something i could host in a shared server. I sent the cancellation and they said i should have done in 7 days in advance (so on saturday and not today).

    so i want to know, can i transfer the server to someone else?? how can i do that??

    the server features are these:

    2.4 celeron
    80 GB drive
    512 MB RAM
    1000 GB bandwidth
    Cpanel and Fantastico included
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
    Urchin 100 profiles
    5 IP's
    10 mbps uplink

    I paid $99 for setup and is $79 montly (usually they charge $20 more for Cpanel/WHM monthly)

    thanks for your help! (and if someone wants it, would make me happy).

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