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    * HEADER WANTED for new hosting site!!

    Hi all,

    Iím on the look out for someone to design me a header for my hosting site, yet to be launched. I have my basic look now worked out and drafted to be seen, and would like the header to fit in the colour scheme, if possible.

    I currently have a logo at present, which I did my self but this doesnít have to be used as I know this will most probably limit you.

    I would like the header to contain some flash, to compliment it. But itís not that important so I will leave that up to you.

    Iím not sure about the navigation bar, whether to have it in the header or not, for if I wanted to change things at a later time etc and want to be able to change it with out to many difficulties. So your advise/ideas on this would be grateful.

    Price!!! Well since this is not my area Iím not sure what the going rate is, and know it can differ from person to person, so I have in mind £40 - £75.

    I am open to suggestions in all areas, so if you would like to take this work on, you can email me at webmaster [AT] where we can talk about work further. If possible can you provide me with work done and a time scale on how you are currently fixed and what your prices are, where I will get back to everyone who is interested

    Thanks for you time.
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    I'm interested in working with you on this project. I can do it for 50 and can complete it in less than a week. I'll work until you are satisfied. You can view my portfolio at

    Thanks alot!
    Trevor Kearsey

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    I will surely contact you once I get home! Expect an email soon
    HQ Max Ľ

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    Uh, free.
    EDIT: Ahh, header, not banner. Dope. Im not going to do the header, but you can have banner.
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