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    windows logfiles


    i have a windows server with ensim, and i plan to sell hosting on it, but i was thinking wouldnt the logfiles eventually build up to take up alot of space? is there anyway to actually get all the logfiles that are over 30 days old to get deleted or so. Or is there any other solution? please help

    any advice would be appreciated.


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    For me I manually clear them only keep the for 3 months, when I do maintenance just search for say ex0301.log for eg , all will appear just delete them.

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    I remember setting this up for a client once. I had a VBScript scheduled on the server which was run every month and cleared the log files.

    Maybe you can write one yourself and use it. I'll see if I can find it somewhere in my GEEKS folder and maybe share it with you.

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    this is good

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