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    Domain name worth?

    How can one evaluate the worth of a domain name?

    A four/five letter domain name ending with .com is enuf to get top rates?


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    well I was just reading some other posts on this forum and saw ppl expecting a lot fo rtheir 3-4 letter .com or .net domain. I want to know your general perceptions about what actually counts when it comes to have a great hot deal for your next domain name sale.

    I am listing few factors please feel free to weight each factor and update the list.

    - Domain Name
    - Site Design
    - Content
    - Traffic
    - Subscribers
    - Search Engine Rankings
    - Gross Revenue
    - Profit

    and please tell me do you beleive on exceptional cases like many domain name registration companies claim of selling a mere name in millions of $$$$. Does thi sreally happen in this world?

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    Please I need serious advice as I have few domains and I might like to sell them off. so just to get it going please rate for it.

    IT's a designed site, with a great look and software, not much traffic though like 60 uniques n 150 visits daily and has more than 60 creative flash pieces.

    Please any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    on alexa its 469817. if that means anything and also have about 60 other sites linking to mine and quite a few big names has promised to link-in soon.

    What do you think?

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    hey plz any review?

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    fun punch is dorky

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