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    Talking A guest with IP in my forum?

    anyone here have similiar experience? im running Invision Power Board 1.3.1, my ip is with a nick xxxxx logged into the forum as a administrator, i checked my online list just now and found that, their's a guest with IP, who is it? my server is at, is scanning my website?, but the "guest" is not viewing the board index but one of the topics in my forum.

    p/s: im using shared internet connection with another 3 gals via wireless router.

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    3,635 is your server (local loopback address), which means that your server is calling up the board for some reason.

    - Matt

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    Yep. is the server itself. But I haven't seen or heard of a case like this while using IPB. The local loopback address comes in place only in the setup of the mysql conf .. Is localhost or anywhere else in the board conf ?

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