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    Problems with Prowebspace


    I purchased a domain from prowebspace last October 2002 (A Big Mistake!) and last August 2003, I requested for a transfer and they failed to transfer or didnt process the transfer. What they did is that they renew their domain free (but I don't want to stay with them!) days before it expire on October 2003....

    And then I continued reminding them on the transfer to no avail. They are telling me that they are not receiving any request from my new registrar and we checked the listed email add on the domain and according to them, it is no longer used so they changed it... after the change, we submitted another request..but the request is bouncing (using the new email add [email protected])....

    and for the past few days, I sent several hate emails with the complaint, you imagine how long this is taking.... and today, when I checked on the whois of my domain, it's no longer on the database of the registrar...

    I really don't know what to do....

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    try contacting the registrar for help.
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    thanks for telling me to stay away from them

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    10,573 uses for domain registrations as their domain registered there.

    if the domain dropped in redemption period you will have to pay extra fees to renew it.

    if it droped re-register it again
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    stay away from prowebspace

    They are bunch of cowboys.
    They have only 6 servers and 2 employees and everything is being run from Scott Smith's house in Wales.

    I waited for 27 days for my resellers account to be created and after many support tickets and countless emails which they ignored they decided to ignore everything and also deleted my single account without any reason and without notice. It takes them at least 5 days to answer simple questions and when they answer they usually don't know what they are talking about. Also they will delete everything from their support forum which makes them look bad in any way so other people cannot see what is going on.

    Do i need to mention that they basically stole my money!!
    Every request for a refund is being ignored.

    Guys stay away from this host. I would not recommend it to anyone

    If you know any company where I can report this company and sue them please let me know

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    Nothing is still happening of my simple domain transfer request. I sent several emails, posts on their forums, pms, but no reply! The only reply I received that they haven't received any transfer request with us! The problem is that we are sending the transfer request thru the registered admin email account [email protected]. This email have a problem or an untrue email add coz all emails to this account is bouncing.... you can try sending email to the above email and your email will bounce.

    I really don't know what to do...

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    My experience with Prowebspace


    I had a great time with prowebspace when I was new to them. Now, about 40 domains later, they are poop. They close tickets without actually fixing the problems, and it takes a random amount of time to get an answer from them. I.e., if it's an easy question or a sales question, they'll get back to you immediately. If it's something serious that actually needs work, they will keep you hanging anywhere from 2 days to a week. It's a really attitudinal thing - just according to how the guy feels that day. Also it's a really small shop.

    Sometimes you get what you pay for.

    Good luck

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    Are you sure that Prowebspace uses joker? I thought they used planet domain. I've had some probs w/them lately too.

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    Re: stay away from prowebspace

    Originally posted by Dugi
    Guys stay away from this host. I would not recommend it to anyone
    This is very good advice.

    If you know any company where I can report this company and sue them please let me know
    In the UK you can report them to the Trading Standards Office near the city where they are based. Although their site lists an address in London, this is a mail forwarding service.

    PWS are based in Flintshire, North Wales, so the trading standard office in Bangor or Rhyl may be appropriate.


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