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    Do you US ppl know USANA?

    they do health products. and direct sales.

    i got friends who worked for them 2 months, and make 5000 USD per month.

    are they reliable? at least, this one is a US company, how is their reputation in the USA?

    thanks for you advice.

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    That's MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) selling. I think they were running a hybrid binary comp plan. I was involved with USANA many years ago, and they're a good solid company (they were back then). Health products that are good, and the company's founder is a scientist who has a vision to save to world with his products etc. heh.

    Not for everyone, but some folks have made fortunes in building distribution networks for the USANA products to flow over. That's what it come down to - to building a distrubution network that allows for the mass movement of the company's product line. Amway, USANA, Nu-Skin, Tupperware - they all work pretty much the same. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    thanks bob, i used to host with httpme for a short period.

    regarding this usana, i've quite a number of friends who are master holders, post degree holders, i can see they have became very addicted in this business. some of them even said they would give up university study and do this busniess. 5000USD per month is quite a lot of money here.

    personally i understand what's MLM since they have explained to me b4, but i just don't feel comfortable with this business.

    first of all, i believe this type of health products are much over priced, it's like cheating ppl's money if i promote their products to my friends, at least i feel.

    secondly, i talked this with some of my close friends, include my gf, (i've never tried to promote them this usana), i can feel they all don't like it, don't like ppl who do MLM.

    do MLM for usana, doesn't make me to become a boss. in a chain relationship, only that scientist is the boss. but do web hosting, i feel i'm like a boss.

    i've been doing web hosting for one year, my business is okay, but can't make me a living yet, i can feel in my heart, i love web hosting business, i enjoy servicing my customers, starting to learn linux etc. but for the sake of money, i used to think to join MLM, and now still thinking...

    it's all money problem in the end...if Bob, you said web hosting business has the protential to make more money than do MLM for usana in the end, and it will be a long term business...i, then will not think about this MLM anymore and concentrate on my hosting business!

    erm, concentrating on one thing is always good, isnt it!

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    All I know is that I invested some money in USNA (Usana) in a fantasy stock portfolio on April 12th, it's gained 20% since then (wish I had invested for real). They're a solid company, never heard of their products though.

    - Matt

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    I personally know a higher up there. Jeremy Stansfield who has

    When I was in Utah, him and his wife stayed at our place while we designed his logo and site. I was told by another higher up that Jeremy makes an estimated $50,000 per week. That was several years ago.

    It's a very legal MLM, not one of those pyramid schemes. I wasnt really interested in selling, but their products...well, you cant find anything better. I use the vitamins, my wife uses the skin care stuff. Their Sense' lotion she brags wonders about. One tiny drop will do both your entire arms, and a couple of her friends with that skin problem (scoricis??) said it works wonders on them, first thing that ever did.

    So yeah, it's a good company. They make all their products right at their huge Salt Lake City office complex, and are publicly held. If you can sell, you can make big bucks in that company. Personally, I couldnt sell a free $5 bill, so the selling part just wasnt for me. I can however, testify to the quality of their products. You wont find anything better out their.

    The reason the products are expensive is because of what they put in them. Compare the labels to other brands of similar products, and you will see a huge difference. Compare it to something you all It's like comparing a $99 rackshack machine to a Quad Xeon. They both do the same thing. The host using the $99 machine will brag as much as the one using the Quad.....but when you look deeper into both, you see a huge difference. USANA can no more compete on prices with $0.99 bottle of cheap vitamins at walmart than a host running Quad or Dual Xeon machines can compete on price with a host paying $99 per month for a cheap poorly built low quality parts machine.

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